Varian 820 ICP-MS

Varian 820 ICP Mass Spectrometer

The Varian  820-MS system is a compact, floor-mounted inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) with full PC control of all instrument settings and compatible accessories. It features patented 90 degree reflecting ion optics system for gigahertz sensitivity (1000 Mc/s/mg/L) and low background and interferences. The Varian ICP-MS systems include a sample introduction system, solid state 27 MHz RF generator, and patented Turner Interlaced Coils. Full PC control of plasma positioning, triple stage vacuum system, all plasma gas flows, mass analyzer, and Discrete Dynode Electron Multiplier (DDEM) detector is also included. The vacuum system is fully contained within the instrument for the smallest instrument footprint. Unique DDEM detector provides nine decades of dynamic range in an all-digital pulse design. The Varian 820-MS system also features a unique Collision Reaction Interface (CRI) providing fast, flexible, interference-free analysis using simple collision and reaction gases. Features include:

  • Range of 3 to 256 amu
  • Scan speed: 2000 amu/s
  • Quadrupole RF frequency of 3.0 MHz
  • 27.12 MHz solid-state, air-cooled, crystal locked RF generator
  • Detection limits as low as 0.05 ng/L for some elements

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