Shimadzu DTG

Shimadzu DTG-60A Differential Thermal Analyzer

The DTG-60 series from Shimadzu uses a parallel guide differential top pan balance mechanism that simultaneously measures temperature changes and mass changes between an inert reference and sample. The advanced balance, high-quality detectors, and excellent furnace temperature distribution combine to provide a measurable mass change of ±500 mg, a mass readability of 0.1 µg, a maximum sample quantity of 1 g, and a measurable differential thermal range of ±1,000 µV. Features include:

  • Parallel guide differential top pan type balance
  • Measured temperature range up to 1,100°C
  • Measurable range ± 500mg
  • Measurable range ± 1000µV
  • Readability 0.001mg
  • Sample quantity 1g max, in gross weight