HPLC 1200

Agilent HPLC 1200 Series

The chemical analysis core facility supports several Aglient 1200 high performance liquid chromatography systems, ideal for solution phase separations. The 1200 series achieves high levels of sample throughput by the use of a quaternary pumps and autosamplers. The high pressure operation and the use of short columns with small diameter media result in fast, high resolution separations. The dual-lamp design and the temperature control of the 1200 series diode array detectors ensure outstanding sensitivity. Easy to use and scalable, the software and control instrumentation are advanced and critical value features.  Features include:

  • Quaternary pump for multiphase gradients
  • Diode array detector for complete UV-Vis analysis from 190-950 nm
  • Multi-signal fluorescence detector (ex: 200-700 nm, ems: 280-900 nm)
  • Degasser
  • Column temperature controller
  • Manual injection or autosampler for easy series sampling

ChemStation manual
Autosampler manual
Vacuum degasser manual
Diode array detector manual
Quaternary pump manual
Florescence detector manual
Temperature Controller manual
Manual injector manual